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'Kristýna Flanderová is a true professional in her field. We were highly satisfied with her interpreting, as were the audience members and presenters themselves.'
Mgr. Jan Štorek, Product Manager, B. S. Dental
'Ms. Flanderová interpreted for our company from English to Czech at a physiotherapy workshop. She did an absolutely fantastic job during the eight-hour event and her performance was highly appreciated by the participants, including a native English speaker. I appreciated her professional approach in preparation (our event involved highly specialized medical terminology) and at the workshop itself.'
Jan Krista, Medical Liaison Manager, Biogen
'Ms. Flanderová arranged interpreting from Czech, English and Italian at our professional healthcare conference. The translation was very good, including specialized terminology. We were very happy.'
Kateřina Boesenberg, chair of the Czech Naturopathy Society
'Kristýna is a very good interpreter. In 2014 she did an excellent job doing simultaneous interpreting for us at a linguistic conference on sign languages. This is a very new field for us with no settled terminology, yet she managed beautifully and our interpreters from other countries spoke highly of her and her work. She is flexible, an excellent communicator, and a good team player.'
Lucie Břinková, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
'Excellent interpreting for a lecture on dentistry from English to Czech. The participants praised her work highly.'
Marie Přibylová, JPS s.r.o.
'We have always been very pleased with the interpreting and translation work Kristýna Flanderová has done for us. She can handle specialized medical terminology at a professional level and has a pleasant demeanor. We recommend her services.'
Helena Sovová, economist, INTERDENT s.r.o.
'Ms. Flanderová interpreted for us at a panel discussion on the current security situation in the Baltic region. The discussion took place at the Czech Chamber of Deputies and participants included the ambassadors of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, Karel Schwarzenberg, Štefan Füle and Luboš Švec. Ms. Flanderová provided consecutive interpreting at the event and did an excellent job. She took everything in stride and gave a fantastic performance even when pressed for time. Communication was smooth and professional before and during the event. I hope we have the opportunity to work with her again. I highly recommend her services.'
Tereza Hager, TOP Team, youth wing of TOP 09
'Ms. Flanderová arranged interpreting for our company for a French visitor during the Pragodent trade fair. We greatly appreciate her professional, helpful and friendly approach for the duration of the event.'
Marcela Tůmová, Czech Chamber of Dental Technicians
'Kristýna Flanderová interpreted for us for one week at Model European Union 2014, a simulation session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. She was chosen for this position out of a pool of many applicants, and we were more than satisfied with her interpreting for the whole event. Kristýna has a good understanding of European issues, arrived thoroughly prepared, and combined her subject-matter knowledge with her interpreting skills to provide a very high-quality performance. Her overall conduct inside and outside the booth was highly professional, so we are happy to recommend her to others.'
Lýdia Machová, MEU 2014 interpreter coordinator, Bringing Europeans Together Association
'Already several times Ms. Kristýna Flanderová has performed valuable services as excellent interpreter of lectures and during demonstrations at various exhibitions. She was able to very quickly adjust to the range of specific areas of activity, in our case the dental thermoforming technique. Even over a period of several stressful exhibition days her translation service has been of the same high quality. But not only for this reason we enjoy working with Ms. Kristýna Flanderová, she is above all a very pleasant and friendly person. We can highly recommend her and are looking forward to take advantage of her services also in the future.'
Werner Slapnig, Dental Sales Manager for Germany and Europe, ERKODENT