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About me

Who is Kristýna Flanderová?

  • Conference interpreter with Czech, English and French as working languages, also speaks Spanish, Slovenian and Portuguese.
  • Has interpreted at hundreds of events ranging from small training sessions to international conferences.
  • Regularly interprets in the Czech Republic and other countries since 2012, and in that time developed a network of professional interpreters and translators in various languages and fields of specialization.
  • Started an interpreting agency, KF konference, to offer clients a wider array of services – more languages, more specializations, and coordinating multilingual interpreter teams.

I have a degree in Interpreting at the Charles University Faculty of Arts and also did a follow-up course for translators and interpreters called Juridikum at the Charles University Faculty of Law. I also studied at universities in France and Australia. At the end of my interpreting studies I was chosen for the Model European Union, where I interpreted at a simulation session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I have been actively interpreting since 2012, and my prep work for interpreting jobs involves ongoing education in a variety of fields.

I mostly interpret in the medical field – I specialize in dental lectures, but I also have a great deal of experience in other fields, such as the automotive industry, scientific and tech conferences, film festivals, and economic and political meetings. You can hear me interpreting live on Czech Television.

In order to cover such a wide range of fields, I have to keep learning new things, quickly put things into context, and analyze each statement to find the core meaning. I can only render the message correctly for my listeners if I understand it perfectly. Sometimes people at an event ask me whether I work in their field. They are often surprised to hear that I am “just” an interpreter. I always take that as a compliment, because that’s when I know I’ve really done my job well.

Since my time at university I have worked with many professional interpreters with different language combinations and specializations, so I can find the most qualified interpreter for every event. You can rely on me. I won’t let you down.

Where do we interpret?

Mostly small, bilingual events:

specialized training sessions, workshops, audits, business meetings

consecutive interpreting

Larger, multilingual events:

conferences, lectures, works councils, gala evenings

simultaneous interpreting

Events in small spaces or moving around the building:

small conferences and lectures, training sessions, factory tours
simultaneous “whispered” interpreting